I have a habit of buying a seasonal throw for every season. And at some point, I have a closet full of throws in every color of the rainbow and taupe. I have enough throw blankets for my entire book club. Homegoods is my biggest weakness. Most of their throws are cheaper than a Starbucks order making it easy to justify one more. I had to curb my enthusiasm while finding new uses for all those throws.


After the holidays I counted seven throws in my family room. I went from a beautiful Pottery Barn throw (a gift) to six blankets shoved into a basket behind the couch and tucked behind the pillows. It looked like the kindergarten reading corner.

The funny thing is our favorite blanket was a corporate gift to my husband’s company.

My throws are in great condition so I am not ready to donate (see below where to donate blankets). I found ideas for all the throw blankets around our house. In the meantime, the out-of-season blankets are hanging in our daughter’s childhood bedroom aka the guest room suite.


  1. Take the holiday outside and add a folded throw to a bench.

2. Drape a throw over a dining or outdoor table. It makes for easy cleanup.

Tip: Do not leave the throw blanket on the patio table during snow and subzero temps. I am waiting for a throw to thaw on our backyard patio table.

Tip: Here’s another idea for table coverings.

3. If you have a tired-looking blanket or one with a company logo, throw blankets make a soft landing for our senior dogs.

Oh who are we kidding, I would give our dogs the best blanket in the house).


4. I keep an older throw in my car for chilly days where an extra layer feels good in traffic. It also is handy when I spill a thermos full of coffee with a half-closed lid.

5. Fold a throw horizontally and place at the end of your bed. It is cheaper than buying a holiday-themed duvet cover.

6. Display the throws. I found this blanket ladder on Etsy a few years to keep my favorites organized. I moved it to the lower level when no one in my family used it to hang throws.


7.Keep a throw in the bedroom that is used as a guest room.

What uses have you found for throws and blankets? Animal rescue shelters are always in need of gently used blankets. You can find their needs on their websites.

Here is a rescue shelter in Colorado and this one in Knoxville (my sister is a founding member).

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