Hi Everyone I am joining a few bloggers who share a common Berner bond. That’s right we all have Bernese Mountain dogs and decided to share our love for this breed with a Bernese Mountain Dog parade.

Today I am sharing some fun pics of our two Berners. Chloe and Elliott.

It’s a Bernese Mountain Dog Parade. Berners are a beautiful breed and each of our dogs are full of personality and a special part of our everyday lives.

Come along to visit each of our feeds to meet our special pups.

Berners on Parade

Zuri & Koda ~ Kristin @White Arrows Home | A Berner at Home: Perfect Family Pet

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Ella ~ Ann @Dabbling & Decorating | Love and Heartache with a Bernese Mountain Dog

Elliot & Chloe ~ Laura @Everyday Edits | Bernese Mountain Dog Parade: Chloe & Elliott

And Stephanie is sharing Buoy on Instagram!


Chloe is our nine and a half year old Berner and Elliott is our Berner rescue. Elliott celebrated his 5th birthday in December you can read (his gotcha day & adoption story).


Our first Berner was a two year old rescue. Owen was kept in an outside kennel with little attention from his family. Owen stayed in our closet for two months, only to come out of the closet for meals and potty breaks. He was skittish with the toaster and cameras. It did not matter we loved him unconditionally and we had six amazing years with Owen.

Bernese Mountain dogs are popular dogs in Colorado because of the climate. We can get them out for their short-distance walks and watch them make first tracks after a January snowfall!

We love them so much we are willing to unclog the dog hair from every vacuum brand on the market.

Our Berners have never chased a tennis ball .

Elliott is afraid of squeaker toys.

Chloe never sat still and was always finding ways to escape the back yard. Some of my favorite memories are of Chloe’s escape antics. As a puppy Chloe found every exit out of our backyard until one day she got stuck. At one point I attached her leash to a weighted ball while I was in the yard! It’s a funny picture, but we did it once and found our her growth would quickly eliminate her escape antics under the gate!

Regardless of the breeds our pets remind us of unconditional love.

Chloe raised our kids.



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  1. Your Berners are wonderful. So sad for the rescue that’s just so awful. Berner’s are are so emotional and I love your photo of the Berner in the dishwasher, haha so cute!

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