My husband has a theory about me and painted furniture. His observation is based on whenever I paint a piece of furniture it ends up on Facebook Market Place. Well, this girl loves a challenge and this before and after hutch makeover may be the first piece of furniture that stays in my cozy office with navy walls.

Are you ready to see the before and after photos?



The hutch was most recently located in the living room.

I had more fun decorating the top of the hutch than the three shelves behind glass sliding doors.

But the hutch had sturdy bones and I loved the drawers at the top of the hutch.

Those drawers store all of these cards.

When we remodeled the main level we hired movers to move our furniture off the main level. My husband had visions of no pulled muscles whereas I saw an opportunity.

This was my moment to ask the movers to move my hutch to my home office. It would be so much easier to paint the hutch if it was in the room I spent most of the day.

My office islocated on the main level next to the powder bath. So everyone passes by my office. I wanted it to look pretty and functional.

before and after hutch makeover


I removed the sliding doors from the inside of the hutch. The doors are attached to the track with four mini screws inside the cabinet and behind the glass doors. I positioned myself inside the hutch, with my face pressed against the glass, while my husband removed the glass doors off the track.

There was no photo ops of this claustrophobic moment.

It was a pretty funny sight.

I chose my favorite white paint color for the interior and exterior.

Was it too bright for my home office? Would the paint drips distract me?

I imagined my hutch filled with matching baskets and blue accessories.

And, then…

the insane real estate market kicked into gear. Showings, offers and contracts were a Master Class in patience and good manners.

Sadly, my home office was ignored with files stacked up and sticky notes on my desk.

But this hutch was determined to be my forever hutch and she just waited patiently.

When the season slowed down I decided I wanted my hutch done before the holidays.

I scraped paint and fingerprints off the glass doors.

I reinstalled the hutch’s hardware and shopped for a few baskets to hold my craft staples and office supplies.

A few years ago I bought too many storage boxes from Homegoods so I sorted through cards and thank-you notes so I would remember to use my huge collection of birthday cards.

And then it was time to take a pause and tell myself the office is good enough, the hutch has a job and who cares if the sliding doors rumble across their tracks. And then it was time to decorate my hutch.


I admit I was nervous about the utility side of my hutch? Does it look like a china hutch? Is it too big in my office? It did motivate me to remove an old Wayfair table and stor through a decade of files.

But when I finished the hutch and took a step back I felt like my office was complete. I had a desk, a window view of our backyard, a new chair from World Market and my favorite rug.

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  1. Laura… I love it. So pretty and looks fab with the paint color. Isn’t it funny how husbands have theories about us? So funny I forgot to laugh!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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