“Do you think we can find paint ideas on Pinterest?” The fact that my husband knew how to use Pinterest in a sentence was enough for me. My mother still struggles with the correct pronunciation. So, “Yes, I think we can find paint ideas on Pinterest.” Which got me thinking about the power of paint in my own house and a look back at a few before and after interior paint colors around my house. 

You, ready? 


As a Realtor, I remind sellers that paint holds a lot of power in a room.

Paint makes the first impression and has the ability to turn off or engage potential buyers when they walk through the front door.

Realtor Tip: The same can be said for tchotchke and toilet seat covers.

Paint can easily overpower the “bones” or the “energy” of the home. 

I speak from personal experience too. Heavy, dated walls make rooms feel dark and cluttered.

Paint can accent a feature wall or an office, but it can also scream the not so great details of a home’s interior.

BEFORE + AFTER INTERIOR PAINT COLORS  before-and-after-interior-paint-colors

You know those details that make funny stories or start a conversation with a buyer. I wonder who talked about our basement bonus room after they left our Christmas party? 

Check out this before photo of our basement bonus room. 


Then and now … I shared the details of this bonus room here

Then …

and now…before-and-after-interior-paint-colors

Our family room then …

and our family room now. Still working on this one.

and now….and that rug.

An upper bedroom then …

and now. With a more sophisticated, college age shade of navy with a side of Revere Pewter.


And, an upper bathroom… before

to a softer shade of silver. Here is the complete before and after of this bathroom remodel.


What do you think? What room won the best before and after contest? Thank you for stopping by! Please follow along on my Instagram.

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  1. You are so right Laura! Paint can make all the difference and is one of the least expensive ways to make a big change! Thank you!

  2. Tricia Becker says:

    I love that your husband knows what Pinterest is or that paint comes in other colors than white! Thanks for introducing me to Hale Navy!

  3. Hi Laura, wow!! the difference the paint choices have made are amazing. those windows are fabulous in white!

    1. Thank you Debra! I know, right! Crazy what 10 years with a paint color can do to a room or not do to a room! ha! laura

  4. Christine says:

    All Beautiful, family room is a huge change. I’ll tell you our paint from hell weekend over a cocktail. Great post!

  5. I so agree on the power of paint! I still have rooms with dog puke gold and so sick of it! Love the colors your chose.

    1. Thank you Cindy! Yep, I have offered to help sellers paint all of those “feature walls” from 2003 ;0)

      Happy Monday! laura

  6. Can I ask are the lighter walls the Revere Pewter and what color is the white trim?

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