It’s hard to break up with a favorite piece of furniture. That’s how I felt when we ordered new furniture for our bedroom last year. For years, we had an assortment of Pottery Barn pieces from an outlet when we lived outside of Columbus.

While in Columbus, we would hire a babysitter and enjoyed the Saturday excursion; it was bliss for the 70-minute drive with no interruptions, diaper changes, or strollers. It is where we found this Pottery Barn dresser and a matching bed frame and nightstand.


relocated Pottery Barn bedroom dresser to the entry

This bedroom set survived three children and four dogs.

relocated Pottery Barn bedroom dresser to the entry

We ordered from a local retailer to create a bedroom suite with matching pieces. It is perfect for a large bedroom and two Bernese Mountain dogs.

I bought it online sight unseen during the extended staycation in 2020.

relocated Pottery Barn bedroom dresser to the entry


I sold most of the individual pieces on Facebook Marketplace, but I could not depart with this dresser. It was a part of the family back to when it stored my macaroni bracelets and pottery pieces from the kids.

This Pottery Barn dresser was in pristine condition. Somehow, the dresser escaped the Nerf bullets. I loved the lines and the hardware. It was a neutral place and it deserved a second gig.


Basically, my Pottery Barn dresser had a midlife career change and went from our bedroom to the entry. It’s like going from coach to first class. This reinvented dresser just watches everyone walk right by as they continue into the house.

The dresser fit it in this little niche steps from the front door and all of those drawers were just looking for a purpose.

And the entry could use more storage. I realized this after completing this entry closet hack. There is no such thing as too much storage. The entry closet needed backup to carry the load of batteries, light bulbs and candles.

Sidenote: I love, love, love this repurposed gift wrap storage. #ad

My PB dresser stepped up to the challenge after I paid someone to carry it down sixteen steps to the entry level.

The entry was the perfect place for this twenty-year-old, dresser.

There was nothing else in the space other than a seasonal bench so it cozied up into the little niche and I got to dress it up.

If you are a reader at Everyday Edits you know I love to get inspiration from Pottery Barn catalogs and their online store. But to see it actually play out in my entry was just what I needed to solve a few storage problems.

I am so happy I kept this piece. It was in great condition because it was had been in our bedroom for so many years.

Let’s just say our room was usually free from the crosshairs of Nerf bullets, tennis and ping pong balls. #memories

This relocated piece is a great reminder to think about where a dresser or desk could relocate within your home. I am so happy this Pottery Barn (vintage) bedroom dresser found a new space to keep our household organized.

After writing this post I was curious about the origins of Pottery Barn and I thought you might be too. Here is the history of this 70+-year-old company, founded by two brothers.

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  1. It’s found a great new spot and use! That dresser looks so good in the entry! Can you believe we only have one dresser in this house? I need more obviously!

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