I fell in love with navy when I reached the age when I realized pinks do not work with my skin tones. As I migrated to greys and navy in my wardrobe, I was drawn to similar paint colors for my walls. And that is how I found my favorite navy blue paint color.

It’s funny how the color wheel works on interior walls and on people. I tried several blues before my love connection with Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy.

Navy. My love connection with Hale Navy was instant.

Hale Navy, also known as HC-154 is a true navy that does not disappoint.

With a hint of grey undertones, it pairs well with our main interior walls which are Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.



Many of us read or hear or assume that dark paint colors will make a room look smaller. If anything it makes the space feel larger. The darker paint colors trick the eye to think the walls are farther away (making the space feel larger).

Hale Navy is the perfect blue paint color

Here is a great resource on dark-painted walls. I have followed this site for years.

I have used Hale Navy in our powder bath, dining room, home office, and my son’s bedroom.

It may be a coincidence (that I did not realize until now), but all four of those rooms are on the north/northeast side of our house. The least amount of light and the chilliest rooms in the winter.

But this navy color is a bold and comfy color at the same time.

When I think about dark-painted rooms I think of dark and stormy meets cozy.

My white office hutch pops in front of the blue walls and the wood grain furniture and stained decor accessories look so good against the Hale Navy paint color.


  • If you are not finding the right blue start with Hale Navy and work your way up or down the color wheel. Specialty paint stores ( Guiry’s, if you live in the Denver metro area) offers smaller trial sizes for under $4.00.
  • I purchase a poster board at a dollar store and paint the board Hale Navy.
  • If a color does not look good on you then you likely will not like it on your walls.
  • I do not like Robin’s Egg blue and look at this dining room circa 12 years ago.
  • I think that’s why I prefer whites instead of beige and off-white colors.


If you are a subscriber of the Weekend Edit at Everyday Edits you know I will share a few before pics of my paint projects.

. I like it because it shows me and you how paint can change a room. For under $80.00

And if I can take some of the risks out of it for you please take a look.

This explains why I switched to navy sweaters and dark blue loungewear.

Here is the same space with the 1/2 wall removed and Hale Navy.

The 1/2 wall is behind the two white upholstered chairs.

So are you ready for a little tour of the Hale Navy in my home? Remember these rooms get the least amount of light but look confident and pulled together.

A bold blue like Hale Navy loves attention.

At one point my boys’ bedrooms were the color of my older’s son’s Babolat tennis bag. Yep, we matched his wall to his Babolat bag and Adidas shirts.

Proving if you like to wear it you will like the paint color on your walls

And then when my boys left for college I painted their bedrooms. I started with the feature wall and then committed to the entire room.

My home office has had many paint colors, but it was just waiting for a moody blue with a cozy vibe. I love my office.

Our dining room is on the main level and it is open so you see this room from different angles. A few years ago I found these white upholstered chairs on clearance at Williams-Sonoma (I was shopping online for a zucchini peeler with a $65 store credit) and somehow ended up with 4 chairs and an upholstered bench. And, free delivery.


I cannot imagine a different color in our dining room. It looks amazing for all holidays.

Pumpkins pop against the navy.


Finally, when we remodeled our main level I added a little navy on the opposite sides of the stone fireplace.

In my living and family room, the interior walls are Revere Pewter so I added navy curtains to frame the windows.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please comment or email me with questions. I always respond!


Hale Navy is the perfect blue paint color

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