Prime Day as in Amazon’s annual shopping day deals! Are you ready for PRIME TIME AT AMAZON?

Sidenote: If you are a graduate of the University of Colorado- Boulder it may bring up images of football and coaches!!

But you will never read a post about football at Everyday Edits. But over the years, I have shared some of my favorite finds. And some of you have shared your favorites with me!

What are your favorites during Amazon Prime Days?

I have a little bit of everything and have ordered, received, or gifted myself MOST of these items!

Yes, even the vinyl mice (I just received and I plan to use them for Halloween and a tip)!

I love these nylon bags for fresh produce because they cradle bulky melons and grapefruit like a hammock.

A friend of mine recommended these grocery bags a few months ago! They keep the bags in the back of the car neat(er) and you can organize your grocery items by “aisles” O\(or recipes) in separate bags. Between these two bags, I have all the aisles covered.

I was late to needing readers because I had Lasik, but now I need readers to press the right buttons on the dishwasher.

I bought fancy readers the first time I needed them and lost them in as many minutes as I used them. So now I order these readers. I bought a second identical set so that I never end up at the store and can’t read the product labels.

These solar path lights are a favorite for our side yard.

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  1. Great finds! I did some ordering myself. I put those readers and the dryer balls on my wishlist. I have used dryer balls for awhile now but need more and I’m always losing or breaking my readers! I can’t click on any of the images in the other graphic…not sure why? Happy Friday Laura!

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