Dear Diary,

We recently celebrated our anniversary. I picked up my husband’s gift at Walgreens and my husband surprised me with a ring.

Awkward pause.

I was watching a Rom-Com movie and could not match my husband’s excitement and smile with the 8×10 black and white print I picked up at Walgreens that morning.

I had not found a frame for it either. So it was just an 8×10 photo in a Walgreen’s photo sleeve.

I was going for sentimental. And, it turns out so was my husband, but he did not know it at that moment.

Last winter we had family photos taken during a blizzard and in a rush for a Christmas card, I skipped this great photo of me and my husband. Which really means me, a great photo of me.

To know me is to know I do not like to be in front of a camera.

So when there is a good photo of me I am going to frame it.

During the stay-at-home orders, I found the photo and saved it to have it enlarged for our upcoming anniversary.

Historically we are very very casual about our anniversaries.

I was working off anniversary trends when I uploaded the jpg to Walgreens Photo Center.

I had fun talking about picking up my husband’s gift at Walgreens. But I had big plans for this print.


So when we exchanged gifts a few days after our official anniversary my husband surprised me with a Vineyard Vines box.

Funny, how I know my husband so well, I knew he grabbed the first empty box he could find in the basement storage room.

I always remember the trends with my three kids based on inventory of used retail boxes in the basement.

So my first thought was maybe he was surprising me with a small handbag. That is a risky move too but a handbag can be exchanged.


Tucked in between layers of Christmas theme tissue paper I found a small jewelry box. And, I got very uncomfortable. I am not a huge jewelry girl.

Most of my jewelry comes from JCrew Factory (JCF).

Backstory: My engagement ring was returned before my husband proposed. Apparently, I mentioned (casually of course) that I preferred a different style ring than what my husband had already picked out). Yep.

He surprised me with the original style ring he had bought decades earlier. My girlfriend said, “Well, apparently Rod has a (ring) type.

I called my sister the next morning and told her that I did not like the new ring and she replied, “Hashtag suburban mom probs.” #sisters

So, once my husband recovered from the shock of my “surprised” face we had a good laugh. And, once he confirmed with the jeweler that he could exchange the ring his shoulders relaxed.


We are headed to the jeweler this afternoon. The owner said it is not the first time this has happened.

Happy Anniversary to the man who is an amazing husband, son and father. It was a bumpy start for us two college kids, but I would want to be on this journey with anyone else.

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  1. You are the SWEETEST!!!!!!!!!! Love your love story and the first line of this post made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

    happy day friend!

    1. My sister said the same thing! My sister made me share the story! Thank you for stopping by friend! xo laura

  2. Darling post, Laura… What a wonderful surprise! Our anniversary is tomorrow. We had a European cruise planned. You can guess what happened to that. We have another trip planned in January. Who knows where we will be in Jan. Love the family pics, especially the one of the two of you. Enjoy your new sparkler!

    1. Thank you Katie! Happy Anniversary! Our daughter’s bday is today and she is with BF and his friends in the Ozarks. She better not show up in the news!

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