Every time I shake a rug I think of Mrs. Ingalls beating her rugs with a broom on the prairie. We can thank the Hoover family for carpet sweepers- the precursor to the vacuum. Years ago, after my first real estate closing, I treated myself to a vacuum that promised to pick up  Bernese Mountain dog hair.

With our hardwood floors scheduled to be refinished, I am thinking about my rug situation for the main level and the lower level (basement).


My motivation was simple; I wanted to step up my rug game. I had a few wins and too many cringes with other rugs. Here are a few tips on how to choose a rug.


For some of the tips, you may think, “duh.” But, hopefully, a few of these tips will help when buying a rug.


Are you an outdoor enthusiast who wears the same shoes to run to the grocery store and run a few miles on a dirt road? Or, do you sometimes leave the house with your slippers on your feet?

My husband wears his shoes inside and it drives me nuts. He will fall asleep on the couch with his work shoes.


If you follow me on Instagram you know that Elliott has a favorite rug. It’s also a wool rug that probably holds more dirt and dog hair than I care to imagine.

We are a big dog, full-on fur Berners type of family. Our marriage vows should include in dog hair and muddy paws.


I love wool rugs,  but they take some work to clean. Elliott loves a wool rug which impacts the wool rug’s lifespan. Here is a great article on how to clean wool rugs.

Cotton rugs are easier to wash and dry but they never lay completely flat once you wash them. Do you have any tips on how to lay cotton rugs flat?

How do you feel about fringe?

For our family, which always includes Bernese Mountain dogs, the fringe is a fancy word for dust catchers.

This is my favorite rug right now.



I never thought we needed a carpet pad until a friend said it is the floors beneath the rug that will thank you later.

Carpet pads are like undergarments for rugs. They give a little extra padding where you need it and they smooth out the lumps and bumps when a rug starts to shift. I shared this post on how to remove the rug pad residue if you have a latex rug pad under your rug


Some rooms get more traffic than others. I found this round rug for under the kitchen table. I love it. It has held up well to two dogs who love to lay on the rug and stare at their dog food bowls.


For my office, I purchased this wool rug. I love it. The room has navy walls and wood floors so the soft blues and creams warm the space.


It has held up very well with my chair, dogs and my constant quest to find the perfect office layout.

The study doesn’t get the wear and tear that other rooms get during the week so I was okay with the lighter colors.


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If you want to take a closer look at my favorites …

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  1. Hello my friend, I love this topic. I actually have a very similar one saved for a future post. You know what they say about great minds ( smile). Isn’t it wonderful how we think of our four legged family members when we make new home purchases. Hubby and I have been rug shopping. The truth is we would love to put wood floors throughout our home ( it’s good to dream) But for now we are saving for the great room. We are leaning towards the new waterproof wood floors. Hubby found a few rugs he likes. I didn’t even know he was looking. I expressed the importance of carpet pads ( your wood floors will thank you, and the dogs will love the little extra cushion too.) I’ll share my post soon and if you don’t mind, I’ll link to your post too. xo

  2. I was against carpet pads too but now I use them everywhere. I despise fringe! It gets caught up in the vacuum cleaner! I love your Little House on the Prairie reference! I love wool rugs. I also have bought a lot of indoor/outdoor rugs from Ballard Design for inside the house. They are easy care and have great patterns.

    1. Totally agree! Yes I found my ring after digging through 3 bins of mulch! Ha!

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