Monday mornings come all too soon. And, for some of us, the anxiety of Monday creeps into our Sundays. But as teenagers, we dreaded Saturday mornings. Why?

Because Saturday was the day our dad enlisted us to wash the cars and mow the yard.

My dad taught us the value of hard work. And the five of us learned the value of negotiation. One of us paid her siblings to do her chores so she could go to the mall with her friends. 

As an adult, my anxiety or dread moved from Saturday mornings to Sunday afternoons. I did not realize I created Sunday hacks until I noticed my anxiety settled down with a set of 5 hacks to make Mondays easier.

Please share your hacks in the comments or email me here. I would love to add to this list with your suggestions! 


My dad would call my Sunday hacks his daily habits. Either way, you want to say it, these tips quieted the voices in my head. And, I enjoyed Sundays so much more!

Here are 5 Sunday Hacks that allowed me to enjoy and appreciate Sunday evenings. Please share your Sunday tips in the comments or email me here.

1. Monday To-Do List

As a Realtor, content creator, mom and wife I am wired for to-do lists.

Did you know if you write a task down on paper, you are more likely to complete that task? And list experts recommend doing your least favorite task first!

When my to-do list starts to churn in my mind I reserve a few minutes on Sunday to commit the to-do list to paper. I start my Monday with a to-do list and a goal to schedule my appointments and tasks before noon.

2. Check the Printer Paper Tray

If there is one thing that drives me crazy it is when I press print from another room only to discover the “refill paper” error message is flashing.

Or, I need to print a contract or proof something and the printer stops printing halfway and throws out an “empty tray” error message.

I always add printer paper on Sunday so I am set for the week.

We all have one of these daily tasks and to be interrupted is frustrating. For you, it may not be the printer paper tray. Maybe it’s unloading the dishwasher.

Sunday Hacks to Prep for Monday


I discovered door-to-door dry cleaning when I had three small children and lived in Westerville, Ohio. All I had to do was remember to leave the dry cleaning bag on the front porch on Monday mornings.

I continue this Sunday Hack to this day- twenty years later.

5 Sunday Hacks Before Monday


I find when I commit to workout via an online app or add it to my calendar, I am more likely to complete it.

I spend a few minutes on Sunday to block mornings for an hour of exercise, online class or a walk over the lunch hour.

Tip: I have walking playists for spring, fall and Christmas.

Denver’s nickname reminds visitors of our love for a high-altitude living.

I made this pinnable graphic for songs that push me up the hills in and around our neighborhood.

5 Sunday Hacks


My final Sunday hack is to check the weather for the week. This hack allows me to pencil in an extra walk with the dogs. And, if I have buyers I set up my showings around the fair-weather days for the week. And, I also plan my “in and out” errands around the weather too. Denver has a history of huge temperature swings so the weather app motivates me to plan my wardrobe and work and social activities.

5 Sunday Hacks Before Monday

6. FUEL (Bonus Hack)

My dad taught me this Sunday hack. Fuel up! My dad always made sure we had full gas tanks and windshield wiper fluid.

My blood pressure jumps when I do not have a full tank of gas on Mondays. I get a lot of teasing for filling up my tank when it hits the 1/2 way mark!

Elliott (Chloe is on the opposite side window) usually tag along for the Puppuccino after we fill up the gas tank.

5 Sunday Hacks Before Monday


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  1. Tricia Becker says:

    Getting the laundry done is one of mine. Starting the week with nothing in the clothes hamper feels good. Another is grocery shopping for the week; however, we are there with 500 UT students who do the same thing.

  2. I like to get up early & get dressed for my day then on to the kitchen, dishwasher unloaded my husband’s coffee, my tea and banana smoothie made. All of my mornings start out with an early walk with our dog around the bay, my alone time for reflection and prayer to set the tone of my day.

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