last minute online gifts for adultish kids 

Are you dashing through the snow (or snirt) this week? My husband is notorious for last-minute gift buying for the kids. These last-minute buys are in addition to the ones he maintains on a spreadsheet.

Some of our kids have calculator minds and you can see her adding up the per sibling totals. She is a CPA. #wink


This shortlist is like the bonus round for last-minute buys or stocking stuffers. And, they are all purchased online with electronic delivery so you could purchase these on Christmas Day.


  1. AIRLINE GIFT CARDS With remote work options getting away for a weekend can start on a Thursday with a workday on Friday in a different city.
  2. ACORNS SAVING ACCOUNT  I started an Acorns account a few years ago. It works by “rounding up your purchases to the next $ and the difference is set up in an investment account. You choose the level of investing and you can attach one or as many credit cards to participate in the roundups. Acorns is great for beginner investors, college and adult-ish kids who can passively save money without much effort or thought. For me, it’s a set it and forget it type of investing. I call it a bonus account since it is in addition to our more traditional savings and investment accounts. Here is an affiliate link to join and Acorns pays it forward to send you a link too.
  3. DECOR STEALS  gift card for the farmhouse loving friend or family member (affiliate).
  4. JANE.COM This site should come with a warning. This online site is like shopping at Homegoods from your couch. It includes seasonal finds, really cheap trends (clothing) and etc.
  5. UBER EATS  If you have a college-age student at home or living on campus you know the value of Uber Eats when your adultish child is landlocked on a campus. Costco has $100 gift card value for the price of $80.

Merry Christmas!



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  1. Great ideas! WE’ve been loving uber eats lately. I didn’t know Costco had the gift cards at a discount! I love your family photo!! Jane is an addictive site for sure!

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